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Can you be the bridge to hope-infused futures?

Philadelphia's gun violence is a plague. It's a public health crisis that creates ripples of pain and trauma. The wealth gap continues to grow and hurt those most who have the least. Afghan and Ukrainian refugees have been joining the Philadelphia community at a steady clip and need support.

It is a human right to live with dignity in safety; we must continue to dedicate ourselves to seeing this through. BuildaBridge stands at the ready to offer whatever help that we can to support our community.

Research shows time and time again that LOVE is a protective factor for youth who have experienced trauma and a deterrent to other social and environmental risks. Here at BuildaBridge, the foundation of our art-making is LOVE. The safe spaces built by BuildaBridge Restorative artists are imbued with love as well as the art-making itself.

This summer, the demand for BuildaBridge programming has risen to a point where we need MORE HELP from our community to fund our summer programming. BuildaBridge Restorative Teaching Artists have been requested to work in South, Southwest, North and East North Philadelphia. They will be working with youth affected by violence and/or forced migration (refugees).

It is essential that our artists provide restorative art-making in Philadelphia. Can YOU make this summer happen for our community? Help BuildaBridge share the love of art-making and life.

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