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Support BuildaBridge and bring out the drummer in you!

Come Drumming into the New Year headline for BuildaBridge. Experience the healing and hope-raising power of drumming with BuildaBridge Teaching Artist Tony Flagiello

For over twenty years, BuildaBridge has been leveraging art-making's power to foster hope and healing for youth and their communities. After the last few tumultuous years of COVID and ongoing international conflicts, a restorative drumming experience could be just what your body and mind need to dive into the holidays and prepare for 2024.

"Drumming into the New Year" is an opportunity for individual growth, community connection and above all, to make some music. BuildaBridge will provide the drums and you'll be led by local drummer, producer and teaching artist, Tony Flagiello.

Wednesday, December 20 | 4:45 - 7:00 pm

SOSNA, 1901 Washington Ave, UNIT b

Picture of Tony Drumming with a drum stick in raised hands ready for the downbeat

Tony's drum circles incorporate hand and bucket drums with live electronic looping, making sonic layers of music. Not only does looping add to the sound tapestry, but it also frees Tony up to provide instruction and tips while the music stays on course. "Drumming in the New Year" will provide a comfortable and safe space to play drums, bring the communities and provide a huge growth opportunity.


Hailing from the popular Philadelphia band Fathead, Tony is one of the most versatile and eclectic drummers in the Philadelphia music scene. His played in numerous groups over the years: Robots in Disguise, Fantasy Square Garden, Alex and the Kaleidoscope, Jason Fraticelli Band, Tritide and more. Tony produces music for TV and advertising agencies and continues to create music for surfboard companies. You can also find him hosting some pretty epic open jams Chesire Brewing Company. Tony performs at weddings and with a DJ/drum duo. With over 25 years of experience playing music with Philly's greats, Tony can play pretty much any style of music from Pop jazz, funk, reggae, Latin, Afrobeat, rock, punk, and metal.

Picture of Tony playing bucket drums with young children

Tony has been facilitating drum circles and workshops for children and adults in the community and hosts them at libraries and schools venues. Tony joined BuildaBridge earlier this year and has been a featured teaching artist at Girard College, Adaire Elementary School and a pillar of Make Music Day.

Pizza and beverages will be available during the event.

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