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What does art-making mean to you?

BuildaBridge needs YOUR help to transform lives through art-making. Art-making makes an indelible impact on us all. It provides a space for expression, self-validation, healing and more. For over twenty years, BuildaBridge has been at the forefront of leveraging the power of trauma-informed art-making. Thousands of lives have been inextricably changed because BuildaBridge sees access to art-making as a fundamental human right. While educational systems whittle budgets down to exclude the arts and mental health is still not a national priority, BuildaBridge uses every dollar to provide hope and healing to children and communities affected by trauma.

Our humanity mandates creativity.

Help BuildaBridge break the stride of trauma

by lending your support.

Our numbers say:

★ Over 700 people were served by BuildaBridge in 2022.

★ 2/3 of participants were youth between the ages of 5-21.

★ Programming hours were over 200hrs this year.

★ Almost 100% of our students improved life skills, socio-emotional learning, academic literacy AND experience a myriad of artistic mediums.

★ 90% of participants report feeling more HOPEFUL - an indicator of healing.

Our participants say:

★ “It helped me understand that giving up will do nothing but make things worse.

★ “...made me face myself and what I needed to see to get passed it."

★ “I feel like I was in a safe place to state how I feel.”

★ " not be afraid to say your ideas because they can be very helpful"

★ "It contributed to my personal growth by helping me find more creative ways to write, sing, and produce. I have been given more tools to create and I can't wait to use them.

Our community partners say:

"BuildaBridge offered yet another lens to give voice and expression to the many social, emotional, racial and economical injustices many of our youth and families experience." Joyce Drayton, Executive Director of GEGISOM

"BuildaBridge International is playing a pivotal role in helping the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center faculty apply principles from the expressive arts to the family therapy process." Steve Simms, Director of Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center


You're the piece that we need to help BuildaBridge transform lives through art-making. Will you make a donation to support the transformative power of the arts?


Other ways to help:

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