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BuildaBridge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ: News

How many people volunteer with BuildaBridge?

Over 1,320 people have volunteered over 106,000 hours of service since 1997.

Another great day of training yesterday! Excited for many of these folks to begin teaching and volun
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IS buildabridge
an accredited
non-profit organization?

BuildaBridge International is an accredited 501(c)3 arts education and intervention organization. 

  • Official Name: BuildaBridge International

  • EIN# 23-3048553

  • DUNS#: 020169889

Stones of Meaning

Who benefits from our services?

Our constituent audience consists of communities and families around the world in greatest need.  That is, within the US and around the world, BuildaBridge  works with populations who suffer in abject poverty, physical pain, homelessness, and emotional suffering as a result of war, catastrophe, human trafficking, abuse and neglect. BuildaBridge recognizes that ALL people desire to live with hope and joy, strong connections to family and local communities, fair and satisfactory employment, and meaningful visions for their future and the future of their children.

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How many people has BuildaBridge served to date?

9,910 children, families and communities have been served BuildaBridge domestically and abroad since inception in 1997. Approximately 4,200 children and families have been served through our Community Programs (Discovery, Artology, Healing, Refugee Programs, Orchestral Dialogues) in Philadelphia since 1999. Over 1,700 artists and community workers have been trained in how to utilize the arts for transformation, which includes BuildaBridge’s Restorative Arts Institute and other mini-institutes, symposiums and professional development conducted
around the world.

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Who are some of the domestic organizations that collaborate with BuildaBridge?

Art-Reach · Urban Promise ·  Blair Christian Academy ·
Drexel University’s Bridging the Gaps Program · Jefferson University · Drexel University School of Medicine · Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance · Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) · Jane Addams Place · Lutheran Children and Family Services · La Salle University Art Museum · Nationalities Service Center · Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience (PPR) · Refugee Family Services, Atlanta, GA · Eastern University · Honickman Learning Center · John B. Stetson Middle School ·   Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association · Salvation Army Red Shield · School District of Philadelphia, Office of Homeless Initiatives/Office of Student Support · The Second Baptist Church of Germantown · Women Against Abuse, Inc. · Woodstock Family Center

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Who are some of International organizations that collaborate with BuildaBridge?

Amity Foundation, China  · Beyond Skin, Northern Ireland · Centro de Alcance, Guatemala · Inspiration Center, Nairobi, Kenya · International Ministries of American Baptist Churches · UNICEF-Haiti · Violette de MaziaFoundation

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