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BuildaBridge is a client minded-organization. Our programming is geared to meet your community's need. We offer customized programming across the arts, such as visual arts (drawing, painting, crafting); music (songwriting, drum circles, production); dance and movement; photography; and theater and improvisation.


Every program that BuildaBridge offers embodies the organization's teaching philosophy, the BuildaBridge Safe Spaces Model. This pedagogy focuses on a person-centered, strength-based and hope-infused strategy. While steeped in trauma-informed care, the BuildaBridge's Restorative Teaching Artists do not diagnose, pathologize or medicalize the role of art-making. Rather BuildaBridge Restorative Teaching Artists understand the neurological, psychological and biological benefits and will often share art-making's gift beyond it's intrinsic value. 

Programming can be booked online or in-person depending on COVID-19 safety protocols.

Below, you'll find a few programming options that are mainstays of BuildaBridge programming. Please reach out to us for specific questions regarding tailored-made art-making programming. 

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