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BuildaBridge is partnering with LJR Creative to help support community minded-musicians in Philadelphia to be SEEN & HEARD on August 29. This program is supported by a generous donor, the Philadelphia Folksong Society & Provenance. Your creativity and positive messages are indispensable to the city and we want to elevate your voice. Scholarships are also available for songs relating to/and of peace. These will debut on International Peace Day, August 21.

Here's message from LJR Creative:

The first Philadelphia-based Amplify event is in partnership with BuildaBridge International. BuildaBridge is an arts and education non-profit that supports children and communities who have endured trauma. Additional support for the event comes from the Philadelphia Folksong Society.

Each artist gets a 45 min slot to film as many of their songs as they can. Your videos will look like this: Single mic audio recording is included (the exact same as the example video), and I’ll personally be filming your content.

The first song is $250 and any additional songs you want to film will only be $150/song. This cost includes audio and one set of revisions. Optional photos are $100

If your song is peace oriented, you maybe able to apply for a subsidized filming of your video. BuildaBridge will be doing an International Peace Day broadcast on Sept 21st and is looking for artists to promote and highlight.

If you would like to apply, fill out this form and I’ll get back to you with a time slot if you are accepted. I only have 12 slots available, so please apply ASAP if you would like to be part of this event.

Here’s the link to apply:

JLR Creative

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