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  • Kelly Finlaw

Hacey Health Initiative (Nigeria)

BuildaBridge International partnered with HACEY Health Initiative over the summer of 2018 for the primary purpose of training the HACEY staff in the BuildaBridge method. Staff were trained for three consecutive days by Kelly Finlaw, an Artist-on-Call and BuildaBridge board member. At the end of the training HACEY staff successfully completed a training centered on; safe space, ritual, multiple intelligences, resilience, and trauma-informed classrooms.

These staff members then conducted an art camp (under Kelly’s supervision) for the young women in their community using the previously learned techniques. The camp was centered on sexual health/reproductive wellness and serviced 20 young women. Each young woman was enrolled in one of three classes; drama, music, or dance. At the commencement of the camp all participants performed their work for their peers and community, received certificates, and took a trip to a local art gallery in celebration.

HACEY was one of the most organized partners that we’ve ever worked with. Their staff was incredibly dedicated, educated, and willing to learn. They were a well-oiled machine and the first stage of this partnership went off without a hitch.

The staff seemed to truly benefit from the training and were grateful for the opportunity.

The young women were excited to be in the camp, eager to participate, and extremely welcoming.

While this was our first interaction with HACEY, it is clear that the door is open for the future.

The relationship between BuildaBridge and HACEY in the summer of 2018 was hopefully just the beginning of what has the potential to be a long term relationship for the future.

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