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Join BuildaBridge International for an afternoon of cross-cultural cuisine THE HUMMUS SITUATION (THS) featuring ARI MILLER (Chef/Owner of Musi BYO) & ANGE BRANCA (Chef/Owner of Saté Kampar). Together, the two groundbreaking chefs invite you to enjoy some of Ari’s world-class hummus, topped with a Malaysian-inspired topping created by Ange.

ABOUT THS: THS is a pay-as-you-feel collaborative event that raises funds for socially progressive causes. Musi chef/co-owner Ari Miller prepares the hummus and pita. Guest chefs are invited to prepare the hummus topping and sometimes dessert. THS promises to be a vegetarian event and, should alcohol be served, there will be be a non-alcoholic option.


MENU: fresh pita, baked on the charcoal grill, served with hummus & Malaysian-inspired topping by Sate Kapmar Chef-Owner Ange Branca. Cost is pay as you're able. Suggested donation will be $15 per portion, pay as you are able.

OR donate here:

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Ready for Life is a “Life Empowerment” training that consists of 8 different ways to reach out and positively activate our youth population. The programs empower at-risk youth by training them with the life skills needed to accomplish their career goals. Today, we see an enormous increase of youth dropping out and rising gang activity in our schools and community along with the violence that comes with it. Our children are in danger of losing their futures and their very lives to the streets if we don’t address these issues directly. There are enough funerals to prove it. BaB will offer aspects of this curriculum via the arts.


For more information, email:

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FREE ADULT CHOIR: see programs for more details

Wednesday,  6:30-7:30pm

A-Space  Community Center

4722 Baltimore Ave,

Philadelphia, PA 19143

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