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What a year!

First, a few words from our community:

I learned to love everyone and not judge them for anything. - Eighth-grade student in Philadelphia

Art can be a coping mechanism. - Seventh-grade student in Philadelphia

I wish people to have the good lives that they deserve. - MSW student at Bryn Mawr College

Trauma and healing come in many forms and it's important to be accommodating and flexible to everyone's experience. - BuildaBridge restorative teaching artist

Whether a participant has engaged in art before or not, BuildaBridge ensures that all participants feel safe and encouraged to express themselves creatively. It is truly beautiful to behold! - HIAS PA Educational Staff Member (refugee services)

We're in the waning moments of 2022. It has been a good year, a challenging year and a blessed year. Looking back at our programming is inspiring and uplifting. Both participants and restorative teaching artists felt transformed through BuildaBridge's powerful work. Please take a moment to see some of the beauty that we saw...

Each and every person pictured in the slideshow has been stewarded through an art-making experience by trauma-informed BuildaBridge restorative teaching artists. The BuildaBridge workshops provided choices and opportunities for participants to engage their personal sense of resilience, agency and hope. BuildaBridge used art-making to foster and reinforce protective factors that contribute to the participants' well-being. One of the most effective things that BuildaBridge has to offer IS the power to mitigate risk factors through art-making. Fewer risk factors mean better lives for our participants. BuildaBridge CAN save lives through art-making. Please take a moment to recognize the importance of your support to BuildaBridge. BuildaBridge would simply not exist without you and for that, we are indebted to your kindness. Together, we've raised over $7500 this winter! My door and line are always open; I'd love to hear from you. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and new year!

Ami Yares

Executive Director

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