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Self-Care is an essential practice that needs to be emphasized more in human service provision. While devoted to the wellbeing of those we serve, devotion to the self is also indispensable and not to be ignored. Ultimately, how we treat ourselves impacts ourselves and those around us. To remediate this, BuildaBridge International offers an arts-based approach to self-care for professionals, caregivers, parents and more.  The professional development session incorporates BuildaBridge’s Safe Spaces Model and self-care practices. The trauma-informed, strength-based and person-centered pedagogy of the Safe Spaces Model is the foundation of all BuildaBridge programming. Experiential learning through various mediums of art-making and dialogue will open participants up to accessible and achievable strategies to maintain self-care in and around challenging environments. Participants will develop personal strategies for self-care and tools to share within their communities and networks.

I had to write to you to say that yesterday's training really connected with me. It made an impression that is bringing me peace even now. It seemed like perfect timing to try out the skills they were teaching and to connect as community while interacting with the presenters. Their voices and way of speaking was so kind and invested in helping us. Thank you for caring for your staff so much that you sought this out and offered it to all of us. I have never worked for a company that did this. 

ACLAMO STAFF MEMBER                     

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The Arts of Self-Care: Addressing Vicarious Trauma in Human Service Providers is grateful for the initial sponsorship from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force.

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