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this is our last chance

Consider a gift to propel BuidaBridge into 2024

Last summer, BuildaBridge joined HIAS PA (one the oldest refugee resettlement organizations in the US) to run a summer camp for youth who recently arrived to Philadelphia. Youth participants hailed from Syria, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Peru and Ecuador. BuildaBridge Teaching Artist Alyssa Resh and the HIAS team used to dance to bring unity to the community. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

The above video is a glimpse into the power of BuildaBridge's work. It's a moment that captures the universalness of joy and happiness - we can all relate to this. There is also another story at play in this video. Each of these youth are refugees -- refugees whose prior experiences are inextricably linked to traumatic circumstances. But in this clip, they're campers at the HIAS and BuildaBridge summer camp where they improve their English language skills and channel self-expression through art-making. 


BuildaBridge's mantel is to support the right to art-filled and joyful experiences.

Every child deserves an arts-enriched life. 

 This is a call to you to support BuildaBridge's work in 2024. Can you make a gift to support our work with refugees and other children who have experienced trauma? 


$5, $10, $15 or even $500 would make a HUGE difference in BuildaBridge's capacity to serve the community. Imagine all the lives BuildaBridge could impact with your help.


Our programming is free to our participants. Generous donors like you make this happen.  

Please heed this call and help BuildaBridge make 2024 art-full and hope-infused year. Use the links below to make your gift to our youth's future.

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