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Dancing to Heal, a free workshop

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Belle Alvarez return to BuildaBridge to offer a healing dance workshop on Sunday, May 1 from 6-8pm viz Zoom.

Dancing To Heal is an open level, beginner friendly movement workshop designed to regulate, settle, and soothe the body and senses while creating possibilities for individual and collective healing through guided embodiment.

Our bodies that are impacted by trauma, both present and generational, are the same bodies that can be vessels for healing, replenishing, and regenerating. This workshop looks at the neurological and physiological connections in our bodies and provides tools to discharge experiences of distress.

Through embodiment, we also make space for joy, kindling the imagination, nourishing the soul, and affirming creative expression.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, May 1 at 6pm and is free. We do suggest offering a modest donation to support our direct service programming for underserved youth and and their communities.

Register here and donate here

Please email with any questions.

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