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  • Chelsea Faulkner

Exploring the flora of Philly

On October 27, 2017, Sofya Mirvis, Chelsea Faulkner, and Julie Kring-Schreifels, led a group of six REFUGEES on a field trip to Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia.

This trip began with a very tranquil and engaging tour through Bartram’s Garden. During the tour, everyone got to try out different types of edible wild fruit, flowers, and plants, including: passion fruit, figs, and locust pods. The clients also picked out their favorite plants, fruit, and/or flowers while on the walk through the garden to later draw, paint, or put on a sun print. When we got back from the tour, the group was given a demonstration on botanical illustration. In the demonstration, they learned about the history, the techniques necessary, and the resources that were available in the classroom for botanical illustration. Two alternative activities were also given: sun prints and printmaking. After the demonstrations, everyone excitedly and diligently got to work. Overall, the trip felt like a success to BuildaBridge staff and the PPR clients who attended. Each person went home with one or more piece of art, had a great time expressing themselves with the art mediums available, bonded and reminisced over plants native to their home countries, and got to relax. We are all looking forward to the next PPR field trip in October of 2018!

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