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to the online portal to the Applied Restorative Arts online professional development program.  This site was developed to help prospective students, institutional and educational partners engage in online learning for therapeutic arts, arts-based education and community development.

The BuildaBridge Institute for Applied Restorative Arts is an online and in-person professional development program for care-givers who want to integrate trauma-informed and arts-based approaches for their work with children, youth, families and communities in need.  Courses are based on the BuildaBridge Safe Spaces model and the Arts in Restorative Transformation philosophic approach.  


We define the term Applied Restorative Arts as arts-based creative processes designed to heal relationships, build resilience, develop agency and increase hope for the future.

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You will find these courses helpful if:

  • You work with children and youth and want to be creative in your approaches

  • You believe in the power of art-making to bring hope and build resilience

  • You represent an organization who serves children and communities in crisis and poverty and want to learn how arts-based trauma-informed methods work.Your staff needs skills for helping traumatized children effectively

  • You want to build resilient communities

  • You want to expand the services you now offer

  • You want a proven yet innovative way to connect with your constituent populations

  • You want to learn to plan/conduct programs and projects

  • You to build local capacity and program sustainability

If these apply to you, there are a variety of courses available online and in-person.  You can choose from courses, or enroll in a program to receive a Restorative Arts Certification.  Click here for Course Descriptions.

Are you an organization seeking professional development for your staff? We provide training on-ground and online for groups

For frequently asked questions, read through the BuildaBridge FAQ.  Feel free to contact BuildaBridge for additional information.

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